BBC exposed SATYA SAI BABA cult watch videos of GODMEN in India. Asaram bapu learned tricks from him

BBC had exposed trciks of SATYA SAI BABA so called GOD  like asaram bapu followers.

They run ashrams in india and asaram bapu is new in the game, as his criminal network only increased about 15 years ago while Satya sai baba cult was at his peaks already.  SATYA SAI BABA  had foreningers as his dsciple because they can give good money when they come to india for spiritual tours.  Business was booming as by the time people will realize what is happening infront of their eyes are jsut givimcs payed by a magician it was too late. He had thousands of followers who were recruitng more followers. In India government runs on vote, so if you are a BAHUBALI  means mafia and have criminals under you who can kill others for you then you can become politicans and major political party;s all have criminals in thier party’s to come to power. although congress tries to distance away from criminals and godmens, but BJP  and small lcoal party’s are run by bahubali’s and these godmen. Once in pwoer they control the system. VHP and Ramsena are kind of party’s who go and kill people with ther mob.    Voice against these godmen is always silcenced by murder, and murder evidences are destoyed with the help of police at that time. after all in police there will be one individual person who will be doing investigation and he has fear of his fmaily instead he is pad lakhs and crores, and some times promoted to suppress the news. Godmen have politicans in hand so they have police in hand. In India police job is to protect VIP and 70% of police is deployed in that job. when incident against a godmen comes then all fraud godmen blame the victims themself.   I called india and spoke to an IPS officer who i can’t name but if need be i will be pleased to name as he said to the right authorities he said “Yaa humto naukri kar rahe hain, agar humne upar ka order nahin maana to sale transfer ki dhamki de rahe hai”  Means if i don’t take orders then i will be transfered, as Kiran bedi  was transferrred number of time sbeacuse she used to get to the criminals but Indian justice system has s many loopholes that criminals can even become ministers and have become member of parliament also. 

Making fool of innocent people in religion is not new in India, It has been there for centuaries for power, as media grew some are exposed.

Now some have even bought chanels to spread supersitions and keep following. Religious pilgrimage attracts innocent people but hundreds of thousands fmailies have been destroeyd in india who are not in this industry.  GODMEN indsutry in india is like a mafia of india which has been responsible for creatng HINDU TERRORISTS against muslims and CHRISTIANS. so any attack by vcitms of these godmen is balmed on Mulsim and christisans. No law , no pnishment if you are godmen. 


Let’s watch some vidoes of this godmen called satya sai baba






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