Will CBI ever get involved and get Justice to victims of Satya Sai baba or politician will play with human lifes.

April 26, 2009

As per http://www.exbaba.com so many victims were able to save their life by running out of India of Satya Sai baba ashrams and factories in which they slaved for years under the disguise of GURU SEWA.  As victims in India are threatend to life,  did CBI or government at center ever tried to give this case to CBI ? No why not ? It’s like JISKI LATHI USKI BHAINS.   Who cares government comes and go, politicians get paid well to spend money in five years they need to run next election. if in blind faith people are getting murdered raped then it’s  not government problem.


Sad part is in india life has no meaning, if you are not connected with politicians, this is why all godmen first take local politician suppport, feed him well.  Asaram has over 45,000 Crores in cash invested in money laundrey, part of it is in BJP hands and money goes to america and rebound in India in rupees. This guy Satya sai baba as per insider has massive following and has more money overseas than in india, as his counterparts associations all over the world run schools.     People need to understand that it’s not devotees are wrong , they are innocent relgious people who have fallen in trap of blind faith and don’t even know the true picutre of their guru.    As thousands of people just come and go but there are thousands who are recruited by targetting people from wealthy families with no politicial support, and their kids are recruited to work in ashram then are slaved sexually molested for yeas, If they die then their body is thrown in river.

Advani led BJP in association with hindu terrorist organization VHP are behind the scene controlers of ashrams in india in the name of Hinudism. Each ashram has to pay 10% and or lum sum money , so they can be in business of Hindutva. This amount i collected by all ashrams of india.   as in india you will see hawckers on rickshaw, or corner shops on wheels every corner of india, they have to pay a monthly fees of  Rs.1,000-25,000  to local policemen from local police station , so he can do vending business on street. same way BJP led VHP collects money from ashrams which is estimated to be arond 14,000 Crores per year. This money is more than entire education budget of entire india from parliament.  Note the money collected form all street mandir’s is seperate this was only for ashrams as ashrams are not mandirs, ashram are land grabbed by criiminals in disguise of guru sewa and collect funds in the name of different names., or by selling the godmen itslef.

Any one  opening the lid on godmen business is killed or jailed in india.  But now india is chanign as general public knows these fraud babas.

For More on these fruad baba’s you will need to go to their specific sites.


For Sant shri  Asaram bapu Ji aka haramkhor asaram http://www.slavecult.com 

&  Sant shri  Asaram bapu Ji  son narayan sai Ji aka randi ki aulad visit http://saadhikasex.wordpress.com


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BBC exposed SATYA SAI BABA cult watch videos of GODMEN in India. Asaram bapu learned tricks from him

April 26, 2009

BBC had exposed trciks of SATYA SAI BABA so called GOD  like asaram bapu followers.

They run ashrams in india and asaram bapu is new in the game, as his criminal network only increased about 15 years ago while Satya sai baba cult was at his peaks already.  SATYA SAI BABA  had foreningers as his dsciple because they can give good money when they come to india for spiritual tours.  Business was booming as by the time people will realize what is happening infront of their eyes are jsut givimcs payed by a magician it was too late. He had thousands of followers who were recruitng more followers. In India government runs on vote, so if you are a BAHUBALI  means mafia and have criminals under you who can kill others for you then you can become politicans and major political party;s all have criminals in thier party’s to come to power. although congress tries to distance away from criminals and godmens, but BJP  and small lcoal party’s are run by bahubali’s and these godmen. Once in pwoer they control the system. VHP and Ramsena are kind of party’s who go and kill people with ther mob.    Voice against these godmen is always silcenced by murder, and murder evidences are destoyed with the help of police at that time. after all in police there will be one individual person who will be doing investigation and he has fear of his fmaily instead he is pad lakhs and crores, and some times promoted to suppress the news. Godmen have politicans in hand so they have police in hand. In India police job is to protect VIP and 70% of police is deployed in that job. when incident against a godmen comes then all fraud godmen blame the victims themself.   I called india and spoke to an IPS officer who i can’t name but if need be i will be pleased to name as he said to the right authorities he said “Yaa humto naukri kar rahe hain, agar humne upar ka order nahin maana to sale transfer ki dhamki de rahe hai”  Means if i don’t take orders then i will be transfered, as Kiran bedi  was transferrred number of time sbeacuse she used to get to the criminals but Indian justice system has s many loopholes that criminals can even become ministers and have become member of parliament also. 

Making fool of innocent people in religion is not new in India, It has been there for centuaries for power, as media grew some are exposed.

Now some have even bought chanels to spread supersitions and keep following. Religious pilgrimage attracts innocent people but hundreds of thousands fmailies have been destroeyd in india who are not in this industry.  GODMEN indsutry in india is like a mafia of india which has been responsible for creatng HINDU TERRORISTS against muslims and CHRISTIANS. so any attack by vcitms of these godmen is balmed on Mulsim and christisans. No law , no pnishment if you are godmen. 


Let’s watch some vidoes of this godmen called satya sai baba





Asaram bapu his son Narayan & Sai baba nexus exposed their tricks to fool people & murder when slaves want to leave

April 26, 2009

We know asaram very well, but asaram was taking sai baba name when he was expose we went ahead and visited Satya Sai baba ashram.

But there we found he already had murder cases where police department knows what they know and we just don’t know.

but here is what we could gather from his victims.

Asaram bapu & narayn sexually exploit innocent people in the name of guru sewa and murder if they want to leave, threaten families of these victims. What crime these innocent relgious people did ? they belived in hiduism ? they fall in trap of  GURU chela system which is marketed by them in every tape they sell, every lecture they give.. They teach you why guru is important for your life, and make you work in their ashram as hundreds of people are working in ashram. All have been made to leave their families, and when families protest their children exploitaiton they are murdered. 

For SATYA SAI BABA PLEASE visit http://www.exbaba.com

for  asaram aka daru wala aka  Sant Asharam Bapuji please visit http://www.slavecult.com  or http://asaram.wordpress.com

For narayan  who has number of victims and number of women are raped, sexually molested by Narayan humself and willing to testify as soon his murder cases are handed over to CBI. As local police has some innocent people who have fallen in the trap of blind faith of Narayan PREM SAI  please visit http://saadhikasex.wordpress.com


Warning to Satya Sai baba : It is sad that you have helped murderer who murdered children of inncoent relgious fmailies and now threatening to asaram victims. If you also have people whose children are made to slave in your ashram then you should release them.  Please get childrens of the street they will have home and they will get a job. Don’t be so greedy, you have enough money. Instead of threatening us look at your ashram and let me post some vidoes of past of your so called SATYA and may be you can go and respond to you victims.

here are some facts about your so called GOD who taught asaram how to murder & get away.


There are number of vidoes and testimonies from anti cult site at http://www.rickross.com/groups/saibaba.html

If Satya sai baba followers think it’s worng of us to show these videos here then please give us explanation what’s you affiliation with asaram bapu

Satya sai baba and HARAMKHOR asaram bapu exchanging tips to fool people

February 14, 2009

Article below is synopsis after analyzing the facts from court papers and media reports of these cult and visting their ashrams in India and meeting with victims who were harrassed and meetig with some of their followers.  Both use same technology of gurudom to make their wealth and exploit innocent people in India.
NOTE : Our web site is only meant for education purposes based on media reports and real victims tales. So any of these criminals denying or harassing people who have lived inside their ashrams shows they are criminals. We will report how they silenced the truth.

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

In India Local Police works under chief Minister, an even top Police commissioner is like a puppet in the hands of minister so if you have the minister in your hand you will be safe till he i in power. This is why both of these criminals have managed to escape the law.   HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS are scared to touch criminals like these because they are honest people and they get harassed from these criminals.

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

Two criminals in Hinduism exchanging trade secrets of Hinduism and learning how to make fool of people.
Both are pedophile and harass public who brought their truth.
Both have fanatic followers.
Both have murder cases against them but asaram took a lead in murdering people as he is even murdering today.
Both have been saved by political parties to get votes from their followers.
Both have massive wealth and over a BILLION DOLLARS stashed in Swiss banks and in USA plus all the properties in India.

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

satya sai baba and haramkhor asaram bapu

Asaram bapu went to Satya Sai baba ashram to learn the tricks of trade as  both are pedophile and both have number of court cases against them so both wanted to share and support each other incase of expose. Especially in case of asaram he was scared because Sai baba expose was done years ago by BBC  and asaram wanted to learn how he managed to fool law and gene real public even after expose.  So tricks of the trade of propaganda to make fool of people asaram used when he was heavily exposed in July 2008 and since then there are more and more crimes of asaram are coming in limelight.

But soon both of these cults which are involved in pedophilia activity, having sex with children, murder, sexual exploitation, cheating, and harassing people will end.

List of Dangerous Cults in India disguised in religion of Hinduism

February 14, 2009

On right side of this page are links to Indian cults who were/are about to be closed were thriving on exploitation of innocent people in the name of GURU Sewa. There are some genuine GURU’s in India but these GURU’s are confirmed fraud’s fakes and have Each have over Billion $ (not million) in swiss banks and in USA and have cheated people of properties for court which cases are there but because in India even ministers are corrupt so no one ever took action against them. All cults in India are either supported by people who are under the blind faith of these frauds in disguise of religion and or some supporters have hundreds of crores of rupees from them in their business. so news about these cults are suppressed by media as they pay double the amount and buy air time on TV chanels. So even best news Chanel in India is also being bought by these criminals. All cults work with mass people in India and so far they have succeeded in killing murdering their victims who brought the truth about them in public. Other religious organizations in India who talks about helping poor and are rich and preaching about Hinduism are busy in making their own money. Only real GURU and real person who has compassion for others and human lifes will speak in open against these we have listed. We are friends with top leading guru’s and waiting for them to stand up for innocent people who are being killed be these goons.

asaram_bapu_terror1All people in picture are criminals who are acting as asaram sadhaks but have been invove din murdering number of people.

Like this Narayan Sai  son of asaram bapu mafia’s cult attack on people when the protested and people had to run away form there.  Asaram send mob to victims who expose him, but now his cult is about to be closed and general public is aware of this criminal activities so even general pub,ic has also started protesting against asaram and his rapist son narayan.

Did Sri Sri Ravi Shankar demanded ashram’s to be seized yet

February 4, 2009

Thank you for your support, we believe in God, and makes no difference to us if you call yourself as god too but we need you to speak against murders and slavery in ashrams. Please post comments about your guru and ensure your guru does condemned in clear words and does support the victims in clear words if he is a real Hindu.  If he is not condemning the murders of children in ashram in Gujarat in the name of Hinduism then you really need to think about it. How can he support murders in ashram and parents dying to see their daughters/sons from years in slavery in ashram.  Does guru sewa means you are not allowed to see your dying father ? Is this what guru teaches in 8 years of his sewa ?

indian cults

indian cults

As in religion it’s easy to disguise law he knows and we know. So let’s get united & remove murderers first from Hinduism. Please spread this blog as much as you can because we need to speak up before mass murders are done in ashram of children because their guru is exposed. Please speak in your lectures and satsangs and condemned in clear words that opening ashram doesn’t give a right to murder sexually seduce devotees and make slaves for ashram.

Sad part is one victim we met she is still holding on to his fathers ashes because her brother who is supposed to merge ashes in ganges river as per their culture but her only brother who is supposed to do this is brainwashed by a famous guru in gujrat as slave to work in ashram for last 8 years. What compassion this guru has who didn’t guided the disciple to do the ritual for his dead father.

Did your guru condemned this activity yet or not in clear words ? Public wants to know does your guru support murderers in the name of Hinduism ?

It makes no difference if you like our friends or not may they are also GURU for better or worst, our goal is to ensure your guru is our friend or not ?

you guru may be enemy of our friends but we belong to no religion no political party as we let them choose whatever they want. But we need your guru explanation in video on TV and in papers that your guru doesn’t support people who has murdered in the name of Hinduism. Now depending on the statement if it’s clear or not we will add him in our list.

How can your guru print posters with victims he does in Mumbai but didn’t raised voice when parents were begging for their children life who are murdered and are being murdered. Is your guru also a murderer ? I don’t think so because your guru had invited criminals who were posting as guru when his crimes were not public. Now some guru’s crimes are public, but how come if you guru calls himself as Hindu guru is letting criminals use his videos to portray that he has such big PR that he knows your guru ?

We hope all genuine Hindu leaders will unite now and ensure criminals go to to jail within days and all his ashrams are seized. all sanchalaks of ashram goes to jail for helping guru no matter what even if they were brainwashed and were doing blind guru sewa. All guru’s are not fraud we are waiting answers from some of the high profile famous gurus, as they finish their statements on TV we will hold press conference and release names of fraud gurus of India in couple of days.

Hinduism religion and ashram may have some good people left

February 4, 2009

This channel is about real Hinduism humanity and giving respect to parents and elders. We condemn any un humane acts by anyone in any religion. This channel is for peace. if you also condemn sex with children and or murders and deception and are religious head of any organization we need your support, India currently has some very well known priests and saints. We don’t want world to see all that all in India is bad not every one murders and there are real saints who do condemn the murders in ashrams.

Please note : If we don’t have his name as our friends then they are frauds and they may be are running criminal organization with criminal activities under the disguise of Hinduism. Each video here is which was shown in news and we have people from that organization as our friends. If you are true religious organization in India then we would request you to please send us a video condemning the murders of children in ashram and brainwashing by guru to make his own wealth. We do understand that you may have genuine purpose of your organizations.